Guide to other NJ Hashes

Hash House Harriers are Non-competitive (Adult 21+) running groups. Each run is unique, unpredictable, occasionally messy, but always fun.

In case you are not familiar with “Hashing” here’s what it’s all about: 

We normally run/hike 3-5 miles while enjoying the satisfaction of quenching the resulting thirst by the consumption of more than adequate amounts of adult liquid refreshment. The Hash House Harriers have been described as “The drinking club with a running problem” but always have non-alcoholic beverage available as well.

The general idea of a Hash run: The “hare” for the event sets a trail for the “hounds” to follow. The hash run follows an unpredictable cross-country (road, grass, woods, etc.) trail laid with simple trail-marks showing the way.  A crafty hare will set “false trails,” trying to foul-up the faster runners in the group, thus allowing the pack the opportunity to catch up. To make sure that the group stays together, harriers yell “ON-ON” when they see a trail-mark and are heading in the right direction. Shortcutting is a well-respected skill of the seasoned harrier! That being said, the “hounds” follow the trail laid by the “hare” with the ultimate goal of reaching the refreshment hidden on trail as well as at the end. THIS IS NOT A RACE.

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1. “Jersey Devil Hash House Harriers” (usually the 4th Sunday in the Pine Barrens, south of Joint Base -MDL).

2. “TTH3” (Taco Tuesday once per month, south Jersey).

3. “Princeton Hash House Harriers” (usually the 2nd Sunday near Trenton/Princeton area and beyond).

4. “Bimbos of Jersey Hash House Harriers” (Random Friday nights).

5. “Rumson Hash House Harriers” male only (10:17am every Sat, central Jersey Shore area).

6. “The Summit Hash House Harriers” (Monday nights summer, Saturday afternoon winter, north Jersey).

7. “NOSE Hash” (Thursdays 7pm summer, Wednesdays 7pm winter, north Jersey).

8. “Dark City H3” (usually the 3rd Sunday down the shore).

9. Summit Full Moon Hash – Once a month, on or near the full moon.

Remember, “Tell them FLaT sent you”!  If you can’t join the groups, contact me (GaryDavidsonRuns) on FB.