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Some SH3 Pics

June 21, 2021 – 34th Annual Passaic River Classic

“This is certainly one of the earliest pictures we have. The 100th run, Saturday, September 28, 1985 SH3’s Third Annual Fall Interhash. The start was the Paterson “Great Falls” and this was the at the start of the run before the run itself. The Hares Beau Bumble and Flock Terrier. I don’t recognize any SH3 runner here except Lou Kiernan, aka Come a Crapper. In the left I see most of the NYH3 Hashers (Ian Cumming Pete Kyle, Pete Callaway, Bob Fletcher, Bob Ampthor, Mayor Bob, Jamie Cumming, Lee Carlson from NYCH3 (blowing the horn). NYCH3 was only a few months old at that point. PD, that could be your friend “Lifer” in the bottom right? Isn’t that you (PD) and Orgasmitron on the far left?” Sox 8/10/20

Rubbermaid’s Goodbye Hash. Notes were from Miscast’s personal logbook.
“Though not dated, this is during the reign of King Rubbermaiden the first, which is reputed to be from April 1996-May 1997. If accurate (note the Mum Ali -Watchung Stables next run in the bottom right) this pictures sister picture seen in the attached refers to this for Rubbermaidens farewell and move to Maryland.” Maliboo
By the Balls
Munchy see, Munchy Dooo
Remember this at Bush Diver’s?
Twin sons of Different Mothers.  Massengil/s Cine Hash
. . . . grabbed the nearest Asshole & hung it on a hook
Suicide Tower Watchung Reservation Summer 2010
. . “and I push this button to get in?” Hoovers 2010
that’s right . . . . Stretch
my nickname is “Patches”
. . . “and here’s the punchline . . “
“May the Hash go in Peace”
a sudden parting of the waters
New Jersey’s finest