Receding Hareline

We are always looking for hares!

Please contact the Trailmaster  Big Surprise, if you would like to hare for SH3.


To see available haring dates, as well as past and future Summit Hash House Harrier trails  click on our hareline spreadsheet,  Receding Hareline    Open Dates are highlighted in yellow.

Please Contact the Trail Master if you would like to reserve a date!  

Please visit our hareline before contacting the Trailmaster, so you will know if a date is open.

After you have a date set to hare, please e-mail your hash details to the Webmeister for timely announcements of your hash.

Douche Brag’s Excellent advice to potential hares:

“All hashers have an equal right to hare, no one’s trail is more important than another.

First come first serve so reserve your date as soon as possible.

Trail Master can assist with conflicting trails but keep in mind, there are over 140 hashers with far fewer open dates…49 to be exact.

If you have a special hash: birthday or hashiversary….it is up to you to secure your date.

If you have a yearly hash, please let the new trail master know what date you want as soon as possible. I assure you, the trail master has no idea when your annual hash date is supposed to be.

Check the hareline to make sure your information has been entered correctly.

If you have not set a trail in the last calendar year, sign up to hare.

If you cannot fulfill your haring duties, it is up to you to find a replacement.

If someone has a date you want, it is up to you to work something out.

The trail master will decide how they wish to address hareless hash dates”  Douche Brag, Trailmaster, in the “Year of No-Genitals June 9,2016”