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Hashing together since November 29, 1980

The Summit H3 are a mixed group of adult runners, loosely based in Summit, NJ, embarking on non-competitive fun runs set in the Hare and Houndsstyle every Monday evening during the summer at 7pm and every Saturday afternoon in the fall through May, usually at 3pm. Other Special runs may fall outside of those norms. All running levels are welcome. Expect running terrain to vary and ice cold refreshment to be at the end. Check us out on Wikipedia.

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Upcoming Runs

  • SH3 #2248 Saturday Nov 18th, Pussy Destroyer, 3PM
  • SH3 #2249/SFMH3 #290 Friday, Nov 24th, Twelve Shots of Black Friday- Broken Organ, 3PM
  • SH3 #2250 Sunday Nov 26th, The 30th Don’t be a Turkey Run- Dogmeat & Milkbone, 2PM
  • SH3 #2251 Saturday Dec 2nd, Looking for a hare or two!
  • SH3 #2252 Saturday Dec 9th, Park ‘N ride, 3rd Annual Hannukah Run, 3PM
  • SH3 #2253 Saturday Dec 16th, High on Pot & Tree Rex – Christmas Hash 3PM


Details of the above runs are below (if & when the hare has advised)

See “Receding Hareline” link above for past Runs & Write-ups as well as anticipated future runs 

Photos for all hashes can be uploaded and viewed here:  https://photos.app.goo.gl/eAwj4P7RavwxqBcx5

SH3 #2248  Saturday, Nov 18th, 2023, 3PM

Hare: Pussy Destroyer

Where: Wait . . . . . . Wait . . . . . . .Wait . . . . . .  . It’s cumming (if not too late)? Casa de Pussy, Deer Path, Scotch Plains NJ (next to Watchung Reservation) 

Weather: Absolutely

On-after: Casa de Pussy, Scotch Plains NJ (next to Watchung Reservation) 

What Else: “FYI, My wife, “Pump Kim” doesn’t want us in our house. So, we will hang in Garage or basement, or if weather permits, on my deck. Who knew!

SFMH3 #290 /SH3 #2249  Friday, Nov 24th,  3PM

Hare: Broken Organ

Where: Start @ Millburn Train Station parking lot

Weather: What Weather?

On-after: Probably in the Millburn Train Station parking lot with my Thanksgiving leftovers and the rest of the beers from trail

What Else: Please note time

SH3 #2250  Sunday, Nov 26th, 2023, 2PM

30th Don’t be a Turkey Run

Note Date & Time. Don’t be late, late, for a very important date!

Hare: Dogmeat & Milkbone, Phone contact: 908.655.7509

Where: Great Swamp Outdoor Education Center, 247 Southern Blvd, Chatham Township, NJ

Weather: Crisp & Cool, just like the Hares

On-after: Neelam Exotic Indian Cuisine, 295 Springfield Avenue, Berkeley Heights, NJ

What Else: For the 30th consecutive year, the Summit Hash will be running the “DBAT” Hash. Always a good event, the DBAT is distinguished by quality beer, baked goods, seasonal shots, a questionable trail and likely the return of Hashers you haven’t seen in a while (like a mini-reunion).
NOTE 1: Dogs are “not permitted” at the Education Center

NOTE 2: The special day of the week and the time.

Other Details:
– Three C/E splits
– Possibly several beer checks
– At least one back check (always)
– Weather: perfect for Hashing

We are always looking for Hares!

Please contact Luke Fairy, the Summit Hash Trailmaster, if you would like to hare for SH3.

Please contact Super Spreader, the Summit Full Moon Hash Trailmaster, if you would like to hare for the SFMH3.

Click here for more information about haring with us!

Please visit our Receding Hareline before contacting the Trailmasters, so you will know if a date is open.

After you have a date set to hare (& confirmed with the Trailmasters) or if you have any questions or suggestions, please “e-mail” your hash details to the Webmeister  for timely announcements/needed updates of your hash.