SH3 Interhash 2024

Bet you can’t wait until next year.

The 2023 IH was great! Here’s the writeup:

So there we were, in the middle of deepest darkest New Jersey, gathering together in a dimly lit cabin, playing power hour and generally having fun as it was time for the grand extravaganza 2023 Summit Interhash: The MASSSquerade Ball to begin.

Hounds appeared out of the darkness on Friday night to partake in an epic Bimbo trail, set by Loogie, which involved shiggy, road and trail all within a rather long stones throw of the cabins.

Invigorated by the light exercise and with a new thirst to be quenched by adult beverages, it was time for the chili cook off and drinking games…

9 entries into the chili cook off were all excellent, but unfortunately there was to be only one winner and it was LumberJackOff’s brother! Much consternation was had about this amazing mind trick from LumberJackOff and so we moved swiftly onto the next drinking part of the evening – games!

Masterfully masterminded by Tree Rex, the hounds drank and drank whilst playing Jenga, 3 man and beer pong. DFLmet made an appearance, Super Spreader rolled out the gin cocktails and a long evening of games was had.

Saturday morning arrived and the hounds were raring to go after having a wonderful long nights sleep in the cozy cabins and soon a quorum of beer yoga enthusiasts was established and Sassy Lassy proceeded to ensure that the participants stretched and balanced, whilst the non-participants marveled at the stretching and balancing being so brilliantly demonstrated by their fellow hashers.

Unbeknownst to all in the cabin, Kojak was out mountaineering and setting the main hash trail whilst we were all distracted…

The Saturday only hounds started to arrive and much anticipation was in the air when the hare returned to the cabins just as the lunch subs arrived (perfect timing!)

Onto mountaineering 101 from Kojak – a twisty and technical start to trail was followed by a 500+ foot climb up onto the ridge and one of the best J checks ever was there for DNR, as the pack was strung out based on various climbing paces. Luckily Massengil volunteered to be DFL and DNR had only run down most of the hill…

After trail was a grand dinner feast of butternut squash and bacon soup, side salad, roast Turkey, roast ham, baked potatoes, stuffing, gravy and corn. This was all preceded by a boisterous and tuneful circle that was led by Mr RA Luke Fairy.

More games – Jeopardy by Seacaucless and then onto the NoTalent show which had a great number of participants who were all enthusiastically recognized for getting up there and (not) embarrassing themselves.

Cue the Massquerade Ball – plenty of hounds dressed up and much joviality was had dancing and drinking the night away.

And then there was the Fat Boy trail hared by Hi On Pot – a tricky trail around the two cabins!

Then I had to go and get the weekly shopping done, so those hounds who had lunch can share any details if they care to.

On-On to the next one!!