SH3 Runs Every Monday  at 7PM .  Starting September 6th we switch to Saturdays at 3PM.

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The Summit H3 are a mixed group of adult runners embarking on non-competitive fun runs set in the “Hare and Hounds” style every Monday evening during the summer at 7pm and every Saturday afternoon in the winter at 3pm.  All running levels are welcome. Expect running terrain to vary, and ice cold refreshment at the end. Wikipedia

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Summit Hash House Harriers #1609

Monday  August 25, 2014   7 PM

9th Anniversary with Summit H3



Where were you on August 29, 2005? If you were in in New Orleans on that day, you were getting slammed by Hurricane Katrina. Or perhaps you were elsewhere, taking in a crappy movie such as 2005′s highest grossing (and most forgettable) film, “Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.”

 Or were you in Livingston, New Jersey for Summit Hash #961? Well, that’s where we were. It seems like only yesterday…G.I. was the hare, the trail sucked, the beer tasted like piss…and we’ve comin’ back for more ever since! On Monday we celebrate nine years of hashing with Summit Hash House Harriers!

Where:  start is at a curious parking lot off South Orange Avenue (and on the Passaic River) not far from the Livingston Mall and Newark Academy. The following address will get you real close:
70 South Orange Avenue
Livingston, NJ 070739
Driving west, there is a short road/parking lot about 100 yards past this well-marked address. Look for the familiar yellow SH3 flag.

Hares: Loogey, S’assy L’assy and Comfortable Hole

 What else you need to know:
Bring a flashlight!
Bring buy spray.
There will be a beer check.
There might be a chicken/eagle split. But probably not.
Bring a flashlight!!
There might be a water crossing (no inflatable devices will be provided).
There Will Be Mud. (Wasn’t that a movie?)
 Bring dry clothes for afterwards – or at least socks and shoes.

Bring a flashlight!!!

On After: TBD (either Zagursky’s or The Landmark Tavern)  Hare’s cell: 973-342-6007 (Loogie); 917-640-3275 (Sassy); 973-809-1505 (Comfy)

Loogey, Comfy and Sassy doing a 3 Stooges impression as they planned this trail.

Loogey, Comfy and Sassy doing a 3 Stooges impression as they planned this trail.



Summit Hash House Harriers #1610

Monday  September 1, 2014  TBA

Where:  TBA

Hare: Loogie

On After:  TBA

Summit Hash House Harriers #1611

Saturday  September 6, 2014  10:17AM - Standard Rvmson Hash Time

Pappose clothing optional

 In Memory of our beloved hasher Papoose, the Clothing Optional Hash that he co-hared with Elephant Dick on the Saturday after Labor Day continues. Cum as Papoose would have … naked is the mode of dress (on Beach G after the run)

Where:  Gunnison Beach, Sandy Hook, National Recreation Area, NJ

Hares: Elephant Dick (AKA Bobby Hash) & Whomp’em

On After:  Thai and Balinese Snacks and BEER on the Beach.

On-On-After: A Balinese Feast a la Whomp’em at Gert’s Snacks & Spices, 157 Bay Ave., Highlands, NJ (over the bridge from Sandy Hook).

HASH CASH: $20.00 (and a “Grandfather clause” for Rumson old-time hashers of $5.00 for run and beer on the beach-only) Guaranteed a great hash on an incredibly beautiful NUDE beach with delicious Thai and Balinese food to accompany the BEER. 100% of hash cash will be donated in Papoose’s memory to The Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research. So, if you’d like to contribute more: $50, $69 $100 – whatever your favorite number happens to be – we can almost see the smile on Papoose’s face at the thought of the Foundation receiving lots of $69.00 checks! This is the disease that Papoose had and which was a contributing factor to his early death. If you’d like the tax deduction – make your check out to The Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research.

Website for more info: http://www.stopsarcoidosis.org/

Crash Space: Floor space in my shop and on the patio (good for small tents) and local hotels and bb’s

These are Papoose’s words from previous Clothing Optional Hashes (he would copy and paste it from previous years) … and still applies:

“Whomp ‘em will be making a Thai Picnic for anyone who wants to eat. … (Believe me you can’t go wrong, and will be forced to eat sand while everyone else is feasting) … Beer will be provided … All you can drink, while it lasts. Amazing Papoose! Thank you very much!
Directions (Like you really need ‘em):
 GSP North. Take GSP to Exit 105. Take Rte. 36 East (then North) 11.8 miles to the Hook entrance. Go a couple of miles to Parking Lot “G”. From the North. GSP South to Exit 117. Take Rte. 36 East -13.6 miles to the Hook entrance and go another couple of miles to Parking Lot “G”.

 The run will be fully clothed of course, starting from Parking Lot “G” and finishing up on Gunnison Beach where you can rip your clothes off while racing towards the beer (there will be Bud for Rumson). If you don’t know it already, Sandy Hook is a National Historic Site and the hares, primarily Elephant Dick because he knows the terrain so well, will be taking you past the gun batteries, Nike missle silos and other vital structures that helped defend the east coast during WWII and the Cold War. The run will be basically flat, but running over the large sand dunes can be quite challenging.

 Note: If it’s a nice sunny day make sure you get there early as Parking Lot G tends to fill-up quickly and is closed by the Park Rangers. You will then be directed to the North Beach Parking Lot which is about 1/4 mile from Parking Lot G. Allow yourself the extra time. You will have fun at this Hash! Be there, or be square! Also, the beach is “clothing optional”, so if you choose not to go nekid, you’re still okay.”

Summit Full Moon Hash #175 & Summit Hash House Harriers #1612

Monday  September 8, 2014  7PM

The Downtown Fiasco NYC



The tradition continues; three decades of uninterrupted urban decadence brought to you by the half-minds of the Summit Hash House Harriers. Bright lights, big city, no poison ivy, good times. 

The Downtown Fiasco On-In location is only a few blocks north of the start for those heading home who want convenient staggering distance to their vehicles. Note that we are adopting “Rumson Rules” for the evening (I’m told that this is occasionally used for crowd control in remote and exotic parts of NJ) – $3 hash cash for Down-Down Beer only. You’re on your own for food and drink. Luckily there’s a great selection of both at the On-In venue with prices that should meet most budgets. NOTICE TO SCBs (and other underachievers): The On-In address will be chalked onto the sidewalk at the starting location (the corner of William and Pine Streets) once the pack is off.


Where:  Chase Manhattan Plaza, Corner of William and Pine St., Lower Manhattan

Hares :Massengill & Suck Em Up & Maliboo

On After: The On-In address will be chalked onto the sidewalk at the starting location (the corner of William and Pine Streets) once the pack is off.

Rat Race will once again be an official SH3 hash

(as it was in 2000-2004)

Click here for Rat Race on Saturday October 11, 2014 10:17 AM

rat-foot_tap ratrace


Sat Oct 11 we are planning to make the annual Rumson Rat Race (yes it is a hash) also a Jersey Whore hash which would invite also SH3/SFMH3, etc to Wall NJ as an all day event.  There is a plan for a band, campout etc. Friday will be a Bimbo Prelube.
SH3 can register direct with me or Bill Scholl — $35 for the day includes beer, food , band -it’s guaranted a great time as have been doing for a couple years and would like to get more hash clubs to come out.” Rear End Wrangler wranglersh3@aol.com

When:  October 11, 2014 10:17 AM  10:17 AM sharp! (rain or shine)

Hares:  Cumby (Formerly known as Cums with the Turf”)  and Rear End Wrangler

Where:  Pat’s 30 Acres, Hurley Pond Road, Wall, N.J.    Be there by 10:17a.m.or get left behind!!!!

Details:  A “hash” style of non-competitive running or walking 3-5 miles over woodland trails/swamp & stream, down sewers and through tunnels, get eaten by piranha, and mud, followed by a fantastic party of 4 great draft beers (including Guinness Stout, Heineken, Miller, Long Trail Ale).   $35.00 Pre Registration, $50 after October 1.





IF you would like to hare for SH3


If you would like to hare, please contact our trailmaster  Sassy Lassy  sassylassysh3@gmail.com to request a date.  Please visit our hareline before contacting the Trailmaster, so you will know if a date is open.

After you have a date set to hare, please e-mail your hash details to the On-Sec  doge_style@comcast.net and also the Webmeister rredfield@rbcpa.com  for timely announcements of your hash.

Please Pay Your 2014 Hash Dues you Wankers!

it’s time to think about your favorite Hash House Harriers in Summit and what it takes to keep the group running (besides beer).  Those of you who have run in years past know that each year the members are asked to pay $25.01 in annual dues.  These dues are due on Jan. 1 (typically collected at the New Year’s Day run, but they are welcome anytime). 

Dues are used to supplement unusual club costs such as the AGM and the Interhash.  Hotel rooms are provided by the Hash at the AGM in case people would rather stay on than drive home.  The dues are used to pay for the group’s web site www.hashnj.com and to supplement extras such as the Hash photo site. 
You can pay by check to Summit Hash House Harriers, in cash given to Breaststroke or PD (Halfass Cash), or through PayPal (use the pointer on the hash web site and use the address of   hashcash_shhh@verizon.net  ).  When you do pay, please include your hash name as well as your nerd name.  Rounding to the nearest dollar is acceptable.
For those hashers who have found the year extraordinarily difficult financially and are in a real economic bind, there is a solution.  Thanks to the huge generosity of one of SHHH3′s members, we have a donor who will pick up the hash dues for 2014 for those in such a difficult position.  The donor wishes to be anonymous and asks that these transactions be held in absolute confidence.  Talk or write to Breaststroke if this offer fits you; he alone will take care of the transaction.  Only he will know the names, which will be withheld even from the donor.  Speaking personally, I am very, very gratified that this level of caring exists within our club.
With thanks,
Your Hash Cash
Keith Johnson aka Breaststroke

Please click on the Pay Pal Logo below

When prompted who to pay, cut and paste below: hashcash_shhh@verizon.net


Check Out Hashnj.com as it used to look!

“Hop in the Summit HHH time-machine and check our website through the years. It was started in 2000 by Cereal Killer (CK). 

For specific years and hashes click the year on top, and then the calendar that will appear.” Dog E



How do I reach my short-term life-affirming goals?

Easy. Get in your car and follow the directions above.

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