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SH3 runs every Monday at 7PM – See details below

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The Summit H3 are a mixed group of adult runners embarking on non-competitive fun runs set in the “Hare and Hounds” style every Monday evening during the summer at 7pm and every Saturday afternoon in the winter at 3pm.  All running levels are welcome. Expect running terrain to vary, and ice cold refreshment at the end. Wikipedia

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Summit Hash House Harriers – hashing together since

November 29,1980

Summit Hash House Harriers #1668

Monday  July 6, 2015  7PM


Where: 192 southern blvd, Chatham  Parking lot of the Elementary School

Hare:  Semper Feline

Details: We will run.

On After:  River Grille   34 River Rd, Chatham Township, NJ 07928   www.chathamrivergrille.com


Summit Hash House Harriers #1669

Monday  July 13, 2015  7PM

Pussy Destroyers 6th Annual Deck Hash

PD Where: At or near Watchung Reservation.

Hare:  Pussy Destroyer (aka Sarnantha Wright)   908 400 8499

Details: Start at or near PD’s deck.

Please rsvp on FB or to rredfield@rbcpa.com so I can get a beer and food count. Special diet needs, let me know too. There will be soda and water for non- beer drinkers. Want wine? Don’t whine, just email me and ask. Dog Friendly, but not inside the house, or I will put him or her on the Weber Grill. Stroller Friendly? Will be mostly on trails, shiggy, former lakes? etc. Hash Crash space avail, bring tent and/or sleeping bag. If you bring kids, no problem, yet this will not be a family atmosphere, but again feel free, if you don’t mind the nasty words, etc. Bring Headlight and reflective vests. Very little running on street, but perhaps some when it is dark. Bring a dry bag and towel and something to change in for the On After.

Hash Cash:  Will be low, as beer is left over from AGM, so no charge for that (yet selection ain’t what I usually serve).

On After:  Casa De Pussy

Summit Hash House Harriers #1670

Monday  July 20, 2015  7PM

Double Birthday Hash

dd Where: TBD

Hares:  No Genitals and Platty Pussy

Details: TBD

On After:  TBD


 Summit Hash House Harriers #1671

Monday  July 27, 2015  7PM

tumblr_lem9mwqdAj1qdftjs Where: TBD

Hare:  Blue My Meat

Details: TBD

On After:  TBD

Summit Full Moon Hash #186/ Summit Hash House Harriers #1672

Friday July 31, 2015  7PM

Blue Moon of Roosevelt


Where: TBD

Hares:  Great Sex and Wrangler

Details: TBD O

n After:  TBD

Summit Hash House Harriers #1673

Saturday August 1, 2015  1PMish (this will be adjusted in time)

Waterski Hash



Where: TBD

Hare:  TBD

Details: TBD

On After:  TBD

 Summit Hash House Harriers #1674

Monday August 3, 2015  7PM

Where: TBD

Hare:  TBD

Details: TBD

On After:  TBD

 Summit Hash House Harriers #1675

Monday August 10, 2015  7PM

Where: TBD

Hare:  Massengil

Details: TBD

On After:  TBD

  Summit Hash House Harriers #1676

Monday August 17, 2015  7PM

Where: TBD

Hare:  Kojak Moment

Details: TBD

On After:  TBD

 If you would like to hare for SH3


If you would like to hare, please contact our trailmaster  Douche Brag  Novalous@aol.com to request a date.  Please visit our hareline before contacting the Trailmaster, so you will know if a date is open.

After you have a date set to hare, please e-mail your hash details to the On-Sec  doge_style@comcast.net and also the Webmeister rredfield@rbcpa.com  for timely announcements of your hash.

Please Pay Your 2015 Hash Dues you Wankers!

it’s time to think about your favorite Hash House Harriers in Summit and what it takes to keep the group running (besides beer).  Those of you who have run in years past know that each year the members are asked to pay $25.01 in annual dues.  These dues are due on Jan. 1 (typically collected at the New Year’s Day run, but they are welcome anytime). 

Dues are used to supplement unusual club costs such as the AGM and the Interhash.  Hotel rooms are provided by the Hash at the AGM in case people would rather stay on than drive home.  The dues are used to pay for the group’s web site www.hashnj.com and to supplement extras such as the Hash photo site. 
You can pay by check to Summit Hash House Harriers, in cash given to Breaststroke or PD or through PayPal (use the pointer on the hash web site and use the address of   hashcash_shhh@verizon.net  ).  When you do pay, please include your hash name as well as your nerd name.  Rounding to the nearest dollar is acceptable.

Please click on the Pay Pal Logo below

When prompted who to pay, cut and paste below: hashcash_shhh@verizon.net


Check Out Hashnj.com as it used to look!

“Hop in the Summit HHH time-machine and check our website through the years. It was started in 2000 by Cereal Killer (CK). 

For specific years and hashes click the year on top, and then the calendar that will appear.” Dog E



How do I reach my short-term life-affirming goals?

Easy. Get in your car and follow the directions above.

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